Customer Feedback

In this section we have decided to display comments that our customers have shared with us about our service. If you have comments for us please send them to


*The comment below was dedicated to our team member Mingo in Houston:

Sent: Tuesday, January 28, 2014 1:48 PM
To: Joe Becker
Subject: Positive Feedback

"Hi Joe,

I really need to let you know what a great job Mingo at FasClampitt did for
us recently.  We had a client throw a rush mailer project at us, and we
desperately needed 2500 square envelopes to complete the mailing.  Though
they weren't in stock, Mingo searched and searched, and followed up with me.
No one at your competitors was willing to go the extra mile, but Mingo got
the envelopes for us, and we were able to get the client's mailing out on
time. He really saved the day and deserves a pat on the back.  FasClampitt
will most definitely be our go-to supplier for all our future needs.



*The comment below was dedicated to our Clampitt Paper team in Austin:

Sent: Wednesday, December 11, 2013 11:47 AM
To: Nita Molina; Samantha Sanchez
Cc: Brian Kirby; Rick Gehrke; Eric Henline
Subject: thanks




Thanks for getting the 70# flo gloss 19 x 38 sheeted and delivered this morning, we originally had it delivering tomorrow.  But as you guys know schedules change.  This really helped our production schedule today, thanks again for your continued great service in our partnership.




Andrew Dodson
Capital Printing Company”



*The comment below was dedicated to our Clampitt Paper team in Austin. We are so proud!

“Hello Rick,

I just wanted to say thank you to you and your team. What a great group of

people. All to often we get caught up in the daily rush of things and forget

the importance of employee recognition. I would appreciate you reading this

letter to your folks. Let them know that Horizon Printing appreciates each

and everyone of them. We are put to the test everyday and its great to have

a vendor like you behind us.

Especially in these difficult times when service is vital to maintaining

good customers. Responding to customer needs has attributed to our success

as a printer. We are proud to include Clampit as a big part of our daily

operation. Just the other day Mike Spann ( the owner ) mentioned how much

paper we purchase from Clampit followed by what a great job in billing you

do compared to our other vendors. Believe me Mike doesn’t offer that type of

compliment often.

I only get to deal with Bobby,Nita, Sam and Gloria daily but please let the

others know we appreciate them just as much.

Thank you,

Dave Chatfield

Horizon Printing”