Maxwell Opaque

Clampitt Paper introduced Maxwell Opaque this fall and just released a new printed piece called “Take it to the Max”.

The new piece demonstrates the superior printability of the sheet and its overall quality and value.

The designer of the piece choose extreme sports to highlight the “Maximum” print quality of the sheet.  According to our designer, “Using images of extreme sports seemed a natural choice. Picking out sports that occur in winter and summer, in hot and cold environments allowed us to use images that are rich in color, and in the case of the ice cave, blue, a color that is consistently difficult to print cleanly. Using these images clearly demonstrates Maxwell Opaque’s ability to hold ink with good dot gain characteristics and excellent opacity.”  The printer agreed with our designer, “Maxwell has great feel and accepted us pushing the inks for saturation and contrast. I feel normal dry back occurred in comparison to any other more expensive uncoated sheet. Any printer can have confidence in purchasing Maxwell as we did not have feeder trip offs, trash or controlling color across the entire surface. ”

Since its rollout we’ve added several new items including 80# Digital text and cover, matching 80# Announcement envelopes and #10 Commercial and Policy envelopes.



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