The Canon Printer, aka: The Beast

The Creative Center recently welcomed a new addition – The Canon IPF 8300. I call this baby the Beast because it  is seriously GIANT. For those of you who aren’t familiar with these Canon printers, this is a series of large format printers that have abilities of printing 17″, 24″, 36″, 44″ and 60″ wide. We are fortunate to have the 12- Color Graphic 44″ inch printer and it can do some serious printing.

Now I must tell you that The Beast and I started off on a rocky note because it took up all the “printer space” I had and they took away my standard printer that I used for my super boring work documents. However, I eventually came to terms and accepted this monster in my life. Things were going along swimmingly until Andrew (aka the jack of all trades of Clampitt Paper) started taking over my computer to print on the Canon. Again, I eventually came to terms with this new routine and actually have had fun and enjoyed learning how to use the Beast by using the Poster Artist software that came with the machine.

For those of you who haven’t seen the amazing printing that our Canon IPF 8300 can do, stop by the Creative Center and see the Beast at work for yourself!

The inside of the Beast!

It is pretty easy to use also!

Six colors on one side…

 Six on the other…

One of the template pictures printed on our MaxJet 19mil Canvas product – Such awesome detail and color!

For any questions about the Canon line of printers please email

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