Alumigraphics Wall Mural

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Check out the time lapse video of the installation here.

It’s our 75th Anniversary! Just to make sure everyone knows it, we installed our brand new 75th logo on the wall outside of our Clampitt Creative Center.

The product is Alumigraphics.  The machine is the Mimaki JV400. Oh and guess what?! We sell both!  The enormous wall mural was installed on Monday, January 4th, 2016.

Here is what you’ll want to know about the Alumigraphics Smooth product:

Gone are the days of dragging around long extension cords several stories up, damaging painted surfaces and burnt fingers due from heat guns used to apply inferior vinyl wall wrap. Alumigraphics® SMOOTH is here! As shown in the last photo above, Alumigraphics® aluminum-based substrate allows the graphic to naturally conform to the textured surface of this brick wall.

Installers simply use rollers and fingers to work the material between the brick. For large graphics, Alumigraphics® SMOOTH can be overlapped or butted up against each other. The specially-formulated adhesive keeps the graphic in place until you’re ready to take it down. As with all Alumigraphics® decals, graphics can be removed with little to no residue. Both install and removal is a snap! The benefits don’t stop there! Alumigraphics® SMOOTH requires no over-laminate…making Alumigraphics® even better value.

Call your Clampitt rep for more information and to learn about Alumigraphics Grip, the non-slip option!