The Rare Reich

Clampitt Paper is now stocking Savoy and Odeon from Reich Paper. As you may know, Clampitt has been known to stock some of the most unusual types of paper. If it’s weird, we generally will have it or at least know about it. This is where Reich Paper comes into play. It was one paper mill that we just didn’t have. Although when Don Clampitt put eyes on the beautiful Ode0n grade paper, that’s when it all changed. Duke Reich came down to Clampitt Paper in Dallas and hit it off with Mr. Clampitt immediately. Both family owned/operated companies, much like so many of our great customers, and a man who was just as passionate about paper as the Paper Man himself. It was then that he decided to stock Odeon and their 100% cotton grade (great sheet for letterpress) Savoy. If you haven’t seen or heard about this exciting change to Clampitt Paper’s stocking list, come by and we will tell you all about it and shower you with samples and swatchbooks.


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