Finch Re-Cap

This past Monday we had our Finch representative, Jackie Brown, come to our Dallas office to present us some of the new great Finch pieces that are out there promoting Finch Paper! If you aren’t aware, Finch is a Clampitt exclusive (in our Texas/Oklahoma market) uncoated sheet that comes in digital as well as folio sizes. Between Finch Opaque, Finch Casa Opaque and Finch Fine there is something to meet every job’s needs with Finch. Check out some of the pieces we saw and have on display at our Creative Center:

The Finch Process Color Curves guide gives you great tips on adjusting colors to make your images the best they can be.


The Finch Spot Color Guide gives you the ins and outs of spot color, a great resource for those looking at printing a colorful piece!

Stop by the Creative Center to get a copy for yourself!


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