No Shave November – Clampitt Paper Version

Clampitt Paper is stepping away from tradition in 2018. We are inviting all employees to participate in “No Shave November” beginning November 1st. Each participant is asked to donate money in order to participate and all proceeds will be donated to The DREAM Fund.

What is “No Shave November?” It is a month-long journey in which participants do not shave to evoke conversation and raise Cancer Awareness. Learn more here.

How does The DREAM Fund fit in? Dedicating Resources to Employees of Advertising and Media (DREAM) Fund is a nonprofit foundation and the support link to the community of advertising. Although The DREAM Fund helps in many times of hardship, it also provides help to those in our industry going through any type of Cancer and has even helped one of our very own in previous years. It is a wonderful organization that Clampitt Paper is proud to support. Learn more here.