CreaseStream from Clampitt Paper

Card Creaser Deluxe

The manually operated Card Creaser Deluxe is the entry level creasing solution and will output your work up to six times faster than traditional (pull down handle) matrix versions with 100% accuracy!

• Simple to turn rotary handle
• Easy to set & operate
• Includes skewer adjustment that compensates for imperfectly trimmed sheets
• Can produce multiple creases by resetting & running the sheet through again

Quick Feed Mk II

Just load the sheets into the feeding section and turn the handle at whatever speed feels comfortable, and simply top up more stock as you go!

• Eliminates cracking on stocks ranging from 100–400gsm
• Simply turn the handle to drive the feeder and activates the tooling shaft
• Easy to set & operate

Auto Plus

The impressive Auto Plus produces high quality creasing/micro-perforating and trimming applications at an average of 10,000 sheets per hour and can apply a combination of up to 5 tools in a single pass

• Eliminates cracking on stocks ranging from 100–400gsm
• Easy to set & operate
• Edge-trimming application included
• Includes special auto-fan feed sheet separator
• Tooling section can hold a combination of up to 5 creasing/micro-perforating tools