NewLife Magnetics

Have you ever wondered how you can turn an ordinary space into something spectacular? We thought you might have. With NewLife Magnetic Material from Clampitt Paper, you can do just that. You can turn that boring wall you can’t stop staring it into something you can’t take your eyes off of. From dry erase material, and chalkboard material, to a smooth printing surface or specialty colors, you can transform your walls and spaces in no time.

At Clampitt, we specialize in helping you find solutions for all of your unique ideas, including the transformation of spaces.

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Rollup Whiteboard (Dry Erase, Left) & Rollup Chalkboard (Right)

Flexible, Printable Magnetic Material

We also sell Magnetic Paint (paint with metal in it) from NewLife Magnetics! Turn any wall into a magnetic receptive surface and cover it up with the paint color of your choosing, so there is no change to your aesthetics. Shop it here!