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The Meeting and Melding of Two Family-Owned Paper Distribution Firms

Dallas, TX: Clampitt Paper Company, the only family-owned paper distribution firm in Texas, enters its 80th year in business with the announcement of an unusual and somewhat serendipitous acquisition.

Clampitt, which owns more than 20 wholesale paper distribution facilities and FasClampitt paper stores throughout the Southwestern US, announced that it is purchasing the assets of Donahue Paper Emporium in the Denver, CO suburb of Centennial.

“I feel very fortunate to sell to another family-owned company,” says William P (Bill) Donahue, a 43-year veteran of the industry who will be retiring in March. “You rarely, if ever, get to have these like-minded opportunities; it’s almost like it was simply meant to be.”

Ironically, Bill’s dad, William L. Donahue, had offered Don Clampitt a job decades before. “My dad owned Dixon Paper in Denver and interviewed Don for a job when he was fresh out of college,” Bill says. Those plans fell through however, when Don Clampitt felt the need to remain in Dallas due to family medical issues. There, he helped his dad, Max Clampitt, expand Clampitt Paper Company, the family firm that Max started in 1941.

Building on Success

“When Don Clampitt came to see our facility, he realized what we have here and he wants to build on it,” Donahue says. A key building block for that process is Simone’ Donahue Chance who has been helping Bill grow the emporium for the past 20 years. She joins Clampitt as a regional vice president and will serve as general manager for the Denver area operations.

“This is such a unique situation,” says Don Clampitt. “We are genuinely thrilled to bring the Donahue employees and customers into the Clampitt family. This is absolutely an opportunity that brings benefit to us all.”


About Clampitt Paper Company

Clampitt Paper Company was founded in 1941 and specializes in wholesale paper distribution throughout the Southwest. The firm employs over 200 people across all locations. Clampitt has 22 locations with Texas locations in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, Houston and San Antonio, as well as Albuquerque, NM, Oklahoma City Tulsa, OK, Lenexa, KS, Springfield, MO and Denver, CO. Clampitt’s warehouse locations carry folio (parent size) sheets, specialty stocks, web rolls, copy paper and other products to support printing companies. The FasClampitt stores focus business needs, such as envelopes, digital stocks, specialty cut-size papers, die-cuts and label stocks. The firm also maintains an online paper store. Beyond paper distribution, Clampitt Paper provides specialty programming for business and industry, including recycling partnerships and the Clampitt Paper School. Additional information about the firm can be accessed at

About Donahue Paper Emporium

Founded in 1998, Donahue Paper Emporium has been serving the greater Denver area for 22 years. The company provides products and services to printing companies, businesses and individual consumers. Its inventory of more than 7,000 items includes an extensive line of papers and paper products including bags and boxes, envelopes and invitations as well as design and printing services.

Pictured: Simone’ Donahue-Chance & Bill Donahue