Paper School

While paper may seem relatively simple, there is a true science to selecting the right paper when developing project specifications. An uninformed decision can result in unhappy clients, unreadable text and unimpressed customers.

At the Clampitt Paper School, attendees learn the basics of paper manufacturing and economics, the differences between coated and uncoated stocks, industry terminology and much more. Classes are provided every quarter and each session lasts only a few hours. (We’ll even provide lunch).

Have you ever seen your sales rep hold paper up to the light? We all do it, in restaurants, stores and your office. Below, students check the formation of uncoated papers. Why? You’ll have to sign up and come to class to find out!

*Our regularly scheduled Paper Knowledge Sessions are designed for working professionals in the graphic design, printing and corporate purchasing arenas. If you’re looking for something tailored to college level students, please contact your local representative.

Dallas 2020 Dates:

10:00 AM – 3:30 PM Lunch is provided

Friday, February 7th

Friday, May 1st

Friday, August 7th

Friday, December 4th

Houston 2020 Dates:

Thursday, February 20th

In Dallas/Fort Worth, please contact Megan Illgen at

In Houston, email Kelly Clark at

For information in Austin, email Jessica Phillips at

In San Antonio, email Louis Cuellar at

In Oklahoma City, please email