Verso: Brilliantly Brighter

Verso’s Coated Sheetfed and Digital Paper Portfolios

Go Whiter and Brilliantly Brighter

See the Brilliantly Brighter Difference Now in a New Printed Promotion

Verso increased the brightness and whiteness of every product in its coated sheetfed and digital paper portfolios, and introduced Brilliantly Brighter, a new printed promotion showcasing these products.

“Verso continues to invest in our Graphic Papers business as we collaborate with our customers to meet their long-term needs and address market trends,” said Verso President of Graphic Papers Mike Weinhold. “Customers want a paper supplier who listens to them, responds effectively to the evolving marketplace and invests for the future, and Verso is committed to doing all three.”

“We’re not just changing one grade, we are increasing the brightness of our entire sheetfed and digital paper portfolios,” said Verso Brand Manager Tanya Pipo. “We’ve also improved the shade of these products, making them a cleaner, crisper, whiter white. Our customers asked for brighter, whiter products without increasing their cost or compromising performance – and we are delivering.”

Sterling® Premium, Sterling® Premium Digital™ and Sterling® Premium Digital™ for HP Indigo increased from 94 to 96 brightness. Anthem Plus®, Blazer Digital®, Productolith® Pts. and Productolith Pts. Digital® increased from 90 to 92 brightness. All of these products are featured with beautiful printing demonstrations in the Brilliantly Brighter promotion.

Weinhold adds, “With an unparalleled combination of product, service and performance for the price, these great products elevate Verso to a whole new level in the art of papermaking.”

*this information is directly from the Verso Website

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